blending the magic of nature

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high frequency / hand-crafted

The methodology we use to grow, source, blend, and extract plant essences, oils & extracts. It’s an energetic and physical expression, organic and using deep ecological principles. This is the magic of alkeme and makes every product special.

barefoot luxury, sustainable , luxe & natural products made locally, with vibrancy in pristine tropical Queensland, Australia

small batch luxury

high frequency & hand crafted

eco friendly

australian made & owned

Not tested on animals


inspired by nature

We are inspired by nature and where we live, from the rainforest to the reef. Far North Queensland has an abundance of nature and energy. It is home, and there is so much here on offer to share with the world.

Aphra – Founder

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the maker

Aphra Heron (Hill) is one of those rare alchemists.

Many people are inspired to create lotions and potions to enhance our daily experience, but it is the rare few who are naturally gifted and able to really deliver the therapeutic magic we crave.

Her formulations are not only aromatically profound, perfectly crafted for purpose, and an absolute pleasure to use on our bodies, but they also carry frequency and intention in a way that only a true alchemist can deliver.


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