Fragrances & the deadly phthalates within

Fragrances are phthalates, one and the same.

Here is a recent introductory fact sheet on what we all commonly know as fragrance. Yep, it’s in perfumes, household products, cosmetics, body products and so much more.

Phthalates are also found in plastics, kids’ toys, pharmaceuticals, household products, personal care, cleaning products, hair spray, and lunch boxes to name a few.

Phthalates are now known as the new “secondhand smoke”. It’s that bad for us…. really!

This is why we choose pure, high-grade, naturally-grown essential oils for all of our products. Not only do they smell great but they are great medicine too.

Happy reading and thanks to for a good and simple read on the chemical phthalates now is the time to start, or if you are already on your journey to detoxing your life then this is a great check and reminder.

Go natural!

Thanks for taking a moment of your precious life to read this too. I appreciate it…

Warm sunny love,


Aphra xx