Early Morning Ritual for Energy & Vitality

Nurturing ourselves on a regular basis is essential so we can keep enjoying life to the full. Especially if your day involves taking care of others, taking time out to nourish your mind and body helps avoid energy depletion and eventual burnout.

Awakening Energy

Start your day with this energising sequence done in bed just after you wake up. It shakes off any grogginess and grounds you, bringing you fully into the moment.

Pinch around the outside edge of your ears to activate the many acupressure points here. 

Lying on your back, gently stretch the whole body by reaching your hands up over your head and lengthening the body down to the tips of the toes.

Relax and take several deep breaths, focusing on the belly rising as you breathe in and falling as you breathe out.

Relax and take several deep breaths, focusing on the belly rising as you breathe in and falling as you breathe out.

Cleansing and Clearing

Next cleanse your body in a warm, relaxing shower with a natural, gentle skin cleanser such as alkeme’s Macadamia Bloom Shower Oil This gently removes any remaining impurities leaving your skin feeling like silk. This is for both face and body and can be used instead of harsh soaps, body wash and face cleanser.

Body Brushing

Using a long handled, natural bristle brush, start from the bottom of your feet. Brush up along your legs towards your chest and heart area. Use as firm pressure as is comfortable without causing stinging or redness and avoiding broken skin.

Brush lengthwise except around the buttocks, belly and chest where a gentle circular motion works better. Then brush from your hands along your arms towards the armpits, gently circling around here with care. Finally brush the lower back upwards towards the chest area and then the upper back downwards towards the centre of the body.


Using your favourite exfoliant, thoroughly polish your face and body for an even tone and smooth skin. It is advisable to use a natural product to avoid toxins. For example, alkeme’s Coconut Sand Face & Body Scrub. harnesses the exfoliating power of native wattle, tropical sand grit and pearl shells. This is combined with the nourishing properties of rich shea and raw coconut oil and the uplifting fragrance of vanilla, Australian lime and sandalwood oils.


An energizing body brush before you shower wakes up both your lymphatics and blood circulation. Following this with an exfoliation will remove any residual dead skin cells, polish the skin to perfection and also help to reduce cellulite.

The final step is to blast your skin with cold water to close the pores and boost both immunity and mood. You might like to repeat an affirmation such as ‘I am energized and well’ as you feel the coldness clear your mind. Choose whatever words resonate with you. 

After you’ve finished this ritual, sit for a moment and bask in the pleasure of feeling revitalized and ready for your day, whatever it may hold.

Life is all about cycles, each day we are gifted with another opportunity. For me right now, it’s all about balance in my day. I often start with some time outside in the garden or with our animals, to get that amazing morning light and vitamin D into my cells. Always now, a light breakfast with lots of probiotics like home made kraut chi and cashew cheese and then if I have space for it I will do some yoga and meditation. Often through meditation I am impulsed with amazing snippets of wisdom and downloads for personal growth, my family and business. Its in this connected space that a lot of the big directional changes are made for alkeme 🙂

Warm sunny love, 


Aphra xx