The Yogic Way Back to Health

Do you feel run down and tired?

If so, it may be time to think about strengthening one or more of the pillars of health. Described by the ancient yogis thousand of years ago, these are

proper breathing

wholesome food

relaxation and deep sleep

positive thinking and meditation


Proper Breathing

Efficient breathing gives us more energy. It expels toxins from the lungs and energises the whole body. When your sinuses are congested, choose a clearing essential oil such as native peppermint gum oil. Pour this into alkeme’s ecofriendly banksia pod diffuser and let the healing power of aromatherapy do its magic.

Then take a few full yogic breaths. Breathe in, feeling the belly rise, the ribs expand and the chest lift. Now breathe out, letting all tension dissolve as your belly, ribs and chest gently fall. Are you already breathing more easily?

Relaxation and Sleep

After a busy day, a relaxing evening and deep sleep are essential for rejuvenating body and mind. To ease out all those tight spots, gently massage the face, neck and shoulders using alkeme’s hand shaped face and body massage wands.
Then to encourage a calm and restful night’s sleep, apply alkeme’s sweet, light and sacred Restful Pillow Spray to your sheets and pillows. Enjoy the sweet, light and sacred scents of the pure essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Damascene Rose and French Lavender combined with native hibiscus in a dreamy blend.

Wholesome food

Eating organic wholefoods protects the planet and nourishes our bodies. To detox after overindulging in processed food or partying, sip a cup of Alkeme’s liver cleanse tea with nettle, St Mary’s thistle, safflower, elderberry, strawberry gum, lemon grass, lemon myrtle, lemon balm and licorice root. These are herbs traditionally used for cleansing, toning and detoxifying the liver, internal organs and gut. ( n.b. Licorice, though a powerful and tasty adrenal tonic, is contraindicated in people with high blood pressure. )

Positive thinking and meditation

A daily meditation practice calms and settles the mind. Creating a comfortable space with cushions, diffuse your favourite essential oil such as ylang ylang for its exotic, happy, uplifting and releasing energies or vetiver for its grounding and calming power.
You might like to do one of alkeme’s guided meditations. Then you can start your day refreshed and positive, ready to meet whatever comes your way.


Moving outside in the fresh air lifts the spirits and makes us strong. Mindful yoga asanas keep the body flexible and light, pumping lymph around the body, removing wastes and promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.
Doing yoga at sunrise and sunset, the full spectrum of light bathes the eyes and balances the circadian rhythms of the body. Standing bare foot on the earth, we connect to the sacred power of nature, letting negative energies and tension seep away.

Taking the First Step

You might like to stop now and think of one tiny step you can take to support your health and that of the planet. Then move on to the next positive change, slowly and surely building a stronger foundation for wellbeing and joy.

For me making teas and tisanes are a very powerful ritual for vitality, balance and rejuvenation. I often collect herbs from the garden that I am drawn to as my daily medicine and because we live in the tropics I always make sure we have glass bottles filled with chilled teas in the fridge for everyone to enjoy. My favourite atm is our new blue island tea with strawberry gum, lemongrass, aniseed and lemon myrtle, topped with the magical pea flowers that make this tea as blue as the sky on a summers day. Launching for Christmas this year…


Warm sunny love,

Aphra xx