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Made locally in pristine tropical Queensland, Australia & family-owned. freshly blended in small batches using tried & tested formulas, modern sustainable techniques & age-old remedies. fresh batch methodology.

the maker | aphra

aphra was born into the craft

Aphra’s childhood was spent surrounded by aromatic and therapeutic leaves, seeds, roots, oils and tinctures. As she became a young woman, she sat with Aboriginal elders, learnt spa therapies alongside some of Australia’s most gifted therapists and assisted at  many lectures, trainings and workshops, as her mother’s LI’TYA formulations made their way into fine spas and homes around the world.

Aphra lives in the Far North Queensland hinterland with her blossoming apothecary garden, husband, and three boys.

Aphra’s alkeme formulations embrace the wellness and environmental challenges we all face today. Her solutions soothe, empower, make well, protect, and delight.

Aphra’s background in luxury skincare and spa treatments is clearly evident in her alkeme natural products.


We align with local printers that pride themselves in using ECO prints and materials. All of our orders to you are posted out using recycled and reused packaging. We say NO to plastic and yes to reducing waste full stop.

Mother Earth - Our Regenerative Approach
Regenerate Our World

As we all evolve so does our understanding of how we treat the world and how we approach our experiences in it.

Not only must we look at a more sustainable existence but expand our reach to a much broader understanding of how we can all work towards regeneration of our land, our practices, our cultures and our lives in the world.

By opening our eyes to this form of thinking we begin to see there is so much that we can do and change.

Each small step we take counts and can pave the way for others around us and our future generations.

To look at our planet, our approaches to farming, holistic health, food, water and supply chains is vital. The more we can source locally and close the loop on, the more we can begin to repair the planets natural sense of order and flow. The more natural and deep ecological approaches we can adopt, the more Mother Earth can heal.

Everything is connected, everything is one, and so our bodies, are connected to this planet and its health. We all live in, an often intangible at times existence, and every thought, whisper, intention and action has an affect on the bigger picture.

We are all in cycle with the seasons, the moon, the sun and the climate, all of the time.

If the planet and its climate ie soils, air, food and, in addition ,its energetic resonance (its footprint) is compromised then it follows to say that our bodies and our vitality are also compromised.

Essentially we are all one and the same.

To raise our frequency, we must heal the earth in all its myriad of ways. To raise the frequency of the earth and humanity we must all heal and…

To do this, we need only look right in front of our own two eyes at what can we do differently, or change. Which processes serve us moving forward and which do not. What can we let go of or shift to renew its purpose to a more true evolutionary way.

The well of infinite knowledge runs deep and there is so much for all of us to share, experience, question and change.

The deep ecological principles and the frequency of how we run our business and make our products is vital and it is in everything we do. This is turn is tangibly felt in our creams, oils and potions, its in everything we do and like calls to like inside each and every one of us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Our mission – regenerate the earth and its peoples…. It’s in everything we do and you will feel it in alkeme always.


We are against ALL animal testing. We didn’t even test our dog wash on our pets until we used it on ourselves first… or as Grant likes to share, we test on our own humans

The sole animal-derived ingredient in our products is locally sourced beeswax. We utilize it in its raw form, harnessing its incredible healing properties for our skin.

This year, we’ve established our very own bee colony, contributing to the well-being and importance of these incredible bees.



We use recycled post-consumer plastic in our plastic bottles. This means they are made from our excess waste that would otherwise be landfill YAY! ​We use glass as much as possible because glass is beautiful and can be used over and over and over again. Turn our jars into pots, or food storage, or for keeping trinkets safe.

Hey, you can even build them into an earthen wall.


Dedicated to a sustainable future, we’ve embraced a holistic approach that extends from our daily operations to the heart of our products. Our commitment to closing the loop on sustainability is evident in our practices of harvesting and growing key ingredients. From cultivating our own plants to responsibly harvesting charcoal, pizio quartz, earth ochres clays, and various eucalypts from our local land, we prioritize eco-friendly processes.

Our fresh batch methodology ensures that the extracts in our products are crafted with care, utilizing plants such as Lemon myrtle, Aniseed myrtle, Strawberry gum, and more, all organically grown and harvested.  As we grow, so does our impact, forging collaborations and partnerships that further enrich our sustainable journey. Together, we’re weaving a tapestry of conscious choices that contribute to a greener, healthier planet.

This commitment to sustainability is not just a philosophy; it’s a living, evolving practice that reflects our dedication to preserving the Earth.


At the heart of our ethos is a steadfast commitment to living and breathing sustainable practices, both in our daily lives and within the fabric of our business. Operating with a deep sense of responsibility, we leverage modern technology and cloud hosting to minimize our environmental impact, steering clear of excessive paper usage and unnecessary waste. Collaboration is key to our sustainability journey. We actively align with local businesses, engaging in diverse initiatives such as supporting the #savetheturtles campaign at the Fitzroy Island turtle rehab center and contributing through donations. As our business grows, so does our network of collaborations, reinforcing our shared commitment to a greener future.

Moreover, we believe in closing the loop and nurturing local ecosystems. Our supply chains prioritize local sourcing, neutralizing carbon emissions and fostering microclimates with locally grown ingredients. Embracing innovation, we’ve implemented a greywater recycling system at our production facility, channeling water back to our herbal apothecary garden where we cultivate many of our plants. Taking advantage of the abundant sunshine, we sun-dry numerous plants and leaves on racks, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable business practices that leave a positive imprint on the world.

As we grow so will our collaborations.

Recycling Programs

Return your alkeme packaging for discounts, see our page on the recycling program. We also reuse all of our boxes, and bubble wrap in our deliveries. We rarely buy our own, because we collect your waste cardboard and all things squishy like egg cartons, food packaging, etc to reuse and recycle in each order.

So, when your next order comes in an egg carton or random branded box, you know why.

With a commitment to clean, evolutionary living, alkeme uses fresh batch principles, prioritising local, organic, own-grown, wild-sourced Australian ingredients with only carefully selected international components where needed.

our recycling program

We support a cleaner, greener & more sustainable future for our planet and people. So please save up, clean well & post back your empty packaging & we will credit you $10 towards your next order. Just include your name, phone number, and email in the package you post to us and we will be in contact with your online alkeme store credit.

Post to:

c/o Recycle Me
Suite 117, 4-12 Thooree St
Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia

Include your details so we know where to send your $10 credit.