Natural, hand crafted diffusers are Wearable, for the car, home or wherever you can think of to hang them.


Each design is a one of a kind collaboration of upcycled and eco friendly natural materials.


How to use:

1 - Fill the tiny 0.5ml glass bottle with precious oils of your choice

2 - simply tip to infuse cork with oil

3 - enjoy aroma therapy effects


Please browse uploaded images to choose your uniquely made design by the name they have been gifted with for that extra special bit of love and power! Specify your choice via the options menu when purchasing.


Your purchase is a one off design and once its yours will be marked out of stock. We use recycled and upcycled materials on our diffusers, helping to shift the world from excess to a cleaner, greener way of living.


Your gems and treasures inlcuded on the charm are sometimes pre loved and totally unique to your diffuser. The glass beads are all hand blown by a local supplier here in far north QLD. We use either leather thonging or hemp as a general rule.


Pls view images to see what it is you are selecting. If you have any requests or questions just hit the chat icon or the connect with us link on the website and we will help you out with your purchase! If you want us to customize a design we can also do this, just choose customise me on the options menu and we will be in touch.


Lastly, the sizes in length do vary from piece to piece so pls use 5ml essential oil bottle provided in pics as a size guide. And note that the bottle nor oil is included.If you would like to purchase our aussie grown, amazing quality essential oils pls browse our aromatherapy page to make your selections here.


Aussie eco warriors, made in paradise.



Hand Crafted “unique” diffuser