A natural blend of cold pressed unrefined sunflower, cold pressed olive and virgin coconut oils to gently hydrate and deeply nourish skin. we choose oils of the highest qulaity, vibrancy and freshness to make sure your body is taken care of deeply. 


Designed to be fragrance free so you can add your own as you like. Perfect for a body moisturizer or massage oil. Comes in a glass bottle, that you can reuse, recycle or send back to us. 


 If you would like us to add some essential oils of your choice, please specify in the notes below and we will add them, our treat. If we dont have them in stock we wil get in touch via email and let you know so we can make you the perfect blend. 


Available in bulk sizes for a discounted price. 500ml OR 1ltr. 

Natural body oil 150ml // 500ml // 1ltr