An entirely oil and wax based rich body hydrating treatment for normal to dry skin types. Lightly whipped with plant extracts to create a preservative free, creamy, rich butter.


Apply to entire body for a moisturising treat. Especially great as an intense skin treatment, for dry cracked and irritated skin.


Can be used on lips as balm, in hair ends as a rich treatment and is safe for children.


Use daily or as required.


Beeswax, coconut, olive and avocado oils, naturally preserved with vitamin E, chamomile, Australian Buddhawood labdanum and lavender essential oils.


Comes in glass that you can reuse, recycle or send back to us for a credit. See our recycle program for more info.


Emulsified only with plant extracts to create a soft buttery feel. Easy to absorb, nutrient dense.

Natural Body Butter (Solid Lotion) 125ml