A gentle gel base cleanser, with all natural plant ingredients to cleanse and remove impurities. For oily to normal skin types, including teens for daily use or as required. Gently foam in hands before aplying to face and neck area.

Natural Cleansing Gel 125ml

  • Rosemary antioxidant, grapefruit, fragonia. lemongrass and chamomile essential oils.


    Fragonia - Native, powrful, cleansing, antibacterial

    Grapefruit - cleansing, antibacterial, rich in vitamin C to repair and renew

    lemongrass - cleansing, nurturing

    chamomile - soothing, calming

    Sea buck thorn - rich in nutrients

    Licorice root extract - balances and brigthens

    Hazelnut oil - to balance and nurture

    natural coconut based surfactents (bubbles) - gentle cleansers

    Plant based natural preservatives.


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