Completely natural oil base cleanser containing a natural coconut surfactent for removing makeup with a gentle cleansing action. For all skin types, especially dry, and removing makeup. Gently emulsify in hands before applying to face and neck area. OR apply to wet skin. Can use as is for removing makeup.


Nurtures, balances tone and softens skin.


Cold Pressed Apricot, sunflower and hazelnut oils, with almond, Australian Sandalwood, grapefruit and chamomile essential oils.


Natural Plant based natural preservative of rosemary antioxidant.


Comes in a plastic bottle that has been made from post consumer plastic, lessening our footprint and can also be recyled again or sent back to us as part of our recycle program. 

Natural Cleansing Oil 110ml

  • Grapefruit is a natural cleanser and high in vitamin C.


    Hazelnut balances and hydrates skin.


    Apricot is rich in omega oils.


    Chamomile soothes and calms skin.


    Completely natural &organic ingredients. Gentle cleansing action for all skin types especially dry & sensitive. Great for removing makeup. Emulsify (rub) in hands with some water before applying to face & neck area. Use daily or as required.

    Pure alchemy in action. For the health conscious human. Not tested on animals, vegan friendly.