Magnesium Oil Spray is a health product made from the traditionally healing Magnesium Chloride salts. It is used to support muscle fatigue, aches, tiredness and pains. It can provide relief from stress, anxiety and supports sleep. Plus many more key uses, please do your own research to see just how vital it is for our bodies. Magnesium is one of the bodies most important building blocks for good health and cellular vitality. 


Optimise your day, with our high vibration, all natural and potent formula. 


The absorption of magnesium directly through the skin is a beneficial way for the body to support its natural intake.


Our magnesium chloride is gentle of skin (non rash causing like magnesium sulfate can be) and its naturally sourced (not lab made), which makes it the perfect natural accompaniment to your daily routine. 


Spray and rub onto legs, neck, shoulders or other areas daily.


Leave or rinse after 30 mins if necessary. Discontinue if rash occurs. Tingles are normal, dryness of skin may occur so support by rinsing or using a natural moisturizer.

Natural Magnesium Spray 125ml