A powerhouse selection of essential oils to combat, kill and prevent regrowth of mould. Works to kill mould at the spore, rendering it harmless to then wipe clean.With clove, teatree, kunzea, eucalyptus, lemon and cinnamon essential oils in a purified water and denatured ethanol base. Preservative free, chemical free and no harmful toxins. Unlike bleach, it will not harm your health and it actually kills mould spores preventing airborne particles than can become ingested or inhaled and enter the blood stream breaking down our immune system. If you haven’t thought of mould and it’s negative effects before then it’s time to start.Clove, tea tree and kunzea are all proven to kill mould. Our ingredients are all natural and will support you in a clean lifestyle.Uses: linen, clothing, furniture, tiles, wood, surfaces, leather, bags, shoes, cane, plus more. Can be used on anything where mould is lurking. Spray affected area, let dry (2-12 hours) and wipe clean. Locally made, family business. 3rd generation alchemist. 

Natural mould kill spray 250ml