An all natural nipple balm created for breastfeeding mums.


Helps to soothe and heal sore, dry, cracked and painful nipples during the breastfeeding stage. Strengthens skin and nurtures sensitive nipple area.


With beeswax as a natural barrier and rich healing ingredient, coconut, avocado and olive oils to hydrate, nourish and add vitamins and minerals back into the skin, rich is vitamin a, c and e to replenish and renew skin cells. Shea butter to heal and deeply moisturize, chamomile and calendula to heal, soothe and protect.


Jam packed with all of nature’s goodies to support you through the vital breastfeeding stage.


Also good for post birth around those more sensitive areas (our female bits) and from top to toe to heal, soothe and nourish.

Natural Nipple Balm 15ml