We are revolutionising the way perfumes can be. 


We are taking you back to the age old rituals and medicinal principles of aromatherapy with our fresh, sulty, bright, earthy unique blends of resins and oils in a natural sugar cane perfumers base. 


The way perfume should be, we are 100% transparent in our ingredients list, do NOT contain hidden chemicals, fragrances OR phthalates. (see our article on the dangers of phthalates on the body and our health).



Hand Crafted in Tropical Paradise, Queensland, Australia. Home of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef and the Equally so, Daintree Rainforest. A magical epicentre of natural global purity, home of Eco Warriors and Free Thinkers. Powerfully Cleansing & Resonant to the Highest Vibration. 


Safe and effective for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, will not cause headaches or sneezing (did you know this is our bodies way of telling us the synthetics are not good for us!?!). 


NOR will our scents cling to other people, the way phthalates are designed to do, you know when you shake someones hand or give them a hug and you can smell their fragrance for hours afterwards? This is a chemical reaction and by design effects your body systems by clinging onto your body/clothes. They then do their "ditry" work negatively affeting our immunity, hormones, cellular health and much much more. Phthalates are now being studied more closely and looked at more like cigarettes, being touted similar to the damaging effects of "second hand smoke".


Each perfume is hand poured, see videos in pics, drop by drop, they are lovingly crafted by hand and include numerology and vibrational energy in addition to the wonderfully healing properties of their ingredients. Each bottle contains light and magic and its own uniqueness that will draw you to it and support your being. 


Our perfumes are designed to support, enhance, optimise and resonate to your highest vibration.


They are made in Paradise, which means you get a little bit of sunshine and warmth and fresh Australian air in every bottle. The theme will take you on a journey to exactly it is you need to go, from the fresh mossy cools of the Daintree Rainforest, tropical citral Paradise, fresh feminine wilds of Wildflower OR the earthy warmth of Ochre, you will fall in love over and over again with each unique blend. 


The added beauty of using these perfumes is that they work in harmony with other essentials oils, rolls ons, perfumes and each other to create a layering effect, so you can really personalise as much as your hearts desire. 


We focus on using local and fresh ingredients too which means your perfume comes from Australia, from growers, farmers, family traders and a cleaner, greener, more sustainable way of life. 







Complete Ingredients List:

Base notes of Vetiver (PE), Benzoin (PE), Sandalwood (Indian), Ylang Ylang (AG) & Immortelle (PE).

Middle Notes of Fragonia (AN), Ravensara (PE), Chamomile Flower (PE), Hay Absolute (PE), Rose Damascena (French) (PE), Rose Geranium (AG).

Top Notes of Lavender (French), Frangipani (AG), Neroli Blossom (AG) & Bergamot (AG). 

Sugar Cane Perfumers Base (Denatured Alcohol) (AG)


Secret, Sacred and Feminine Power, plentiful within each of us. Connect to the inner Wild and bring forth your own magic. 


AN - denotes Australian Native

AG - denotes Australian Grown

PE - denotes Precious/Exotic 


All natural blend of oils and resins in a perfumers base. Available in a 3ml sampler or 30ml bottle.


Pthalate free

Chemical free

Elemental, magical, natural.

Wildflower Perfume 3ml // 30ml