A nutrient dense and fragrance/preservative free oil blend to keep skin soft, supple and prepared for pregnancy and birth. Can be used on tummy, hips, thighs and for birth preparation to help make skin soft, stretchy and supple. 


Post birth as a soothing and reparative oil, to hydrate and heal the body. Hydrates and restores tired, stretched skin. Rich is essential fatty acids and nutrients to heal. 


Known to reduce the effects of stretch marks, tearing, scarring and damage to skin during the pregnancy process. 


Can be used as an all over rich body treatment on all bodies, as a silky hair oil or in the bath to add silkiness and hydration. Also a great massage oil, can add essential oils to customise.


Certified Organic Australian Macadamia oil, certified organic apricot oil, cold pressed avocado oil. Packaged in a reusable glass bottle. Label printed using eco friendly soy inks. 


Choose the customise me option below and we will add some French lavender to the blend for you. for additional healing and sensory delight. 

Pregnancy and Belly Oil 150ml