Summer Rain is a perfume inspired by the monsoon rains of the magnificent far north tropics of queensland.


All natural, medicinal, elemental, magical.


Notes include vetiver, ylang ylang, magnolia leaf, coriander, ocean pine, lemongrass and frangipani .


Comes in a handy 10ml spray.


Pure Summer, Fresh and Cleansing Rain. Infused with Shungite to counter EMF and super charge your hand crafted perfume.


Embrace the purity of natural scents, go back to the beginnings of time when perfumery was medicine, feel alive, feel empowered, feel more like yourself than ever!


Natural perfumes are addictive, once your body tries one you will be forever awoken to the healing magic and absolute beauty they offer. 


Custom make your own via our page, or try another from our stunning range. 


Be delighted. 


Add on your own diffuser charm, hand crafted with elemental magic, includes a feather and lava beads (aroma beads), which can be sprayed with your fave scent, or any oil and hung up as a pretty charm that smells great too. one off designs, crafted for you!

Summer Rain Parfum 10ml