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Being Responsible - Our Part to Play for the Bigger Collective

We live in exciting times for humanity as we are coming back around with our understanding of plastics, eco friendly practices, up-cycling, recycling, minimalist practices, keeping it real, saying no to excessive unhealthy lifestyles and yes to quality!

We reckon the eye is in the little things - have a look around your house, which practices can you swap up or out, what small changes can you make?

For example: How much extra packaging are you purchasing? Does each product really need a tub plus a box? Are your plastics biodegradable or recyclable? Can you buy glass or bamboo?

Can you reuse old things to make new... like our new shampoo bar wrapping - yep it’s made of material and beeswax so it can be used time and time again for whatever you choose. What else can you think of? Glass jars for storage (like mumma used to) we use and reuse them around home for so many things.

How about swapping out your plastic straws for bamboo or stainless steel ones (coming to our online store soon) the web is a world of utube videos and tutorials on how to reuse just about anything these days.

So keep your eyes open and see which changes around the home you can make and share with us here in the comments so we can all learn together. You might also have practices you have always had that you could share too, knowledge is gold and we’d love to hear some of your gold too!

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