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Skin Care Simplified - Part 1

Unpacking moisturizers

Make your own alkeme with multi use products.

We simply don’t need countless products, taking up space, packaging and our lives when a few great ones will do.

The beauty industry captures us in complexity, it is driven by the countless needs for products to “fix” us. But the reality is it makes billions of dollars on this very thing. Preying on our lack of self worth and self esteem.

So we decided to get simple, go back to basics and provide you guys with some super natural, potent and powerful basics.

Can you have one product for different uses – absolutely! This is not cutting corners, nor is it ignoring the bodies requirement for nutrients and support.

When we start to break skin care down, it really isn’t that difficult, nor do we need so many ingredients in every product.

Our approach is to keep it simple. We know the body and what it needs, so lets get back to basics and undo the complex beauty myths we lay showed in.

Part One - Hydration

Hydrate – give the body back moisture that it loses through the day, from water, clothing, sunlight, wild, cold, dehydration, age etc.

This is essentially done through how much water we drink, the foods we eat (including good fats), our nutrient intake and our lifestyle.

But to support it through our skin care routine - This can be done simply with oils and waxes.

A cream or a lotion is an emulsification that combines oil with water and various other extras i.e. extracts, fragrances, preservatives (to stop the water going mouldy). So, its basically an oil that has been watered down, which is fine, if the oil is too rich for your skin.

But in most cases, a simple oil or balm on the skin is a complete and natural way to rehydrate the skin.


Use one, or a combination of a few on the face and neck area, some essential oils in low quantities are also safe to combine. Nutrients can also be found in the oils that you choose, ie avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids, macadamia is super hydrating due to its cellular structure being similar to our own skin, so absorption is high, or an oils high in vitamin E for skin repair, C for cell renewal or A for cell support.

Most extracts contained in skin care are in very minute quantities and may not be very active at all depending on age and extraction and preserving method. Our extracts are batch made here and are full of goodness.

The body loves oil and waxes, they hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. You can use coconut or olive oil straight from the kitchen, combine a few of your favourite essential oils and you have an amazing rich body moisturiser.

Again, Simple.

You can melt down some beewax with other oils and make your own balm, this will keep for quite some time because there is no air or water to contaminate it, better still, add some vitamin E, it’s a natural preservative and super valuable for the skin to repair and nourish. Visit your local honey farm they sell amazing chunks of beeswax, unrefined too which means it still has all of its nutrients, it smells divine and best of all you can check out whether its been made by happy bees or not.

Your may find that you only need to use an oil or balm a couple of times a week, or depending on the climate, your health and other factors, you may use this daily or not at all.

For example, humid climates tend to need less, dryer & colder, need more. Or hormones can mean dry or oily skin. This part is really up to you to work out for your self and your body and the rest is then easy and fun.

I often say to myself – would I eat it? and when in doubt I tend not to use this on my skin or body either. We absorb a lot through our skin and its our bodies largest organ so its worth being precious about. And no you cant put chocolate in your body balm!

If a lighter approach is required, blend some oil or balm into a gel base (this is a thickened water type product with added extracts and oils). By mixing the two together, you in effect emulsify them yourself (mix) and make your own lotion. Mix using your hands, rubbed together for an on the spot lotion, or in a bowl with a clean spoon. This will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks or up to a month on the fridge with no preservative. If it separates over time, just give it a quick stir before use.

The store bought lotions and creams will stay blended because they use emulsifiers (added ingredients ranging from chemical to palm or plant based, depending) and are added using a basic 1-3 step process during formulation. But with the view to keeping it simple, lets use the power of our hands or a spoon hey!

Can you use one oil on your face, hair and body (hands and feet)??? Absolutely. Just find and feel what is right for you. It might be macadamia oil from head to toe while you are pregnant and then a simple light lotion during summer. etc, be bold and free in tour choices. And remember you know best!

And makeup free days are awesome for our skin too.

make up free days are good!

Stay tuned for the rest of the series of articles on skin care basics and keeping it simple.

We’ve got heaps to share on surfactents (soaps, cleansers, washes, shampoos), serums, hair care, mouth care, home care and more.

So our motto, keep it simple. Keep it clean, fresh and if you can eat it then its okay for your skin.

This is the magic of alkeme – and your time to simplify.

blending oils for a custom face oil

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