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Our Eco Mission

"We want a cleaner, greener future for everyone and so we look at every part of our modern business to see how we can play our part in making that a reality".


Aphra & Grant 


We use recycled post consumer plastic in our plastic bottles. This means they are made from our excess waste that would otherwise be landfill YAY!

We use glass as much as possible, because glass is beautiful and can be used over and over and over again. Turn our jars into pots, or food storage, or for keeping trinkets safe. Hey, you can even build them into an earthen wall.



We align with local printers that pride themselves in using ECO prints and materials. 

All of our orders to you are posted out using recycled and reused packaging. We say NO to plastic and yes to reducing waste fullstop.

Mother Earth

Respect is key, our connection as a business and as people is strong to our planet and we work in many ways across alkeme to strengthen this. From regular connection days, walking barefoot and doing our part wherever we go. 


We are against ALL animal testing. We didn't even test our dog wash on our pets until we used it on ourselves first... OR as Grant likes to share, "We test on our Own Humans" The only animal derived product we use in our products is beeswax, because we source it locally, and use it raw for its amazing healing properties on our skin. This year we will be starting our own bee colony so we can give back to the amazingness of bees too. 


In Every Way, Every day we live our best Eco practises, in life and in business. Our business is run from the mind that we must bee sustainable in ALL that we do, in order to preserve the earth.  We utilise modern technology and cloud hosting for all of our business kind stuff. We do not print and store reams and reams of paper filling cabinets and putting lead in our footprint. WE align with many local businesses to work with them in any way we can on many different initiatives, from #savetheturtles at the Fitzroy island turtle rehab centre through to donations to the local "kindness us" that runs regular random Acts of Kindness days. As we grow so will our collaborations. 


Recycling Programs Return your alkeme packaging for discounts, see our page on recycling program . We also reuse ALL of our boxes, bubble wrap in our deliveries. We rarely buy our own, because we collect your waste cardboard and all things squishy like egg cartons, food packaging etc to reuse and recycle in each order. 

SO when your next order comes in an egg carton or random branded box, you know why. 


Giving Back 

As we grow we will align ourselves with MORE local and MORE global not for profit organisations to do our part, we recently donated 10% of all sales in Jan 2020 to the Australian Bushfires. We are looking at how we can help preserve the Great Barrier Reef, in addition to our reef friendly sunscreen too. 

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