Charcoal & Clay Purifying Mask

Embrace the timeless art of skincare with our Charcoal & Clay Purifying Mask powder, a deeply cleansing, balancing, and refining treatment designed to benefit all skin types, with a special focus on oily, teen, and combination skin for deep pore cleansing. To be used twice weekly or as needed, this mask is also a versatile ally for anti-aging and nourishment, watch fine lines and wrinkles disappear instantly with the powerful skin refining effect. Crafted with a trio of organic Australian clays, enriched by the potent addition of Australian own foraged charcoal and the soothing essence of lavender, this powder mask follows an age-old beauty ritual. Simply add water, apply, allow it to dry, and rinse. As you engage in this classic skincare practice, watch as impurities are delicately drawn out, leaving your skin refreshed and harmoniously balanced, with a renewed radiance that transcends time. Discover the exquisite benefits of the Charcoal & Clay Purifying Mask, a testament to the enduring beauty of tradition.