Rewild Body Oil

Embark on a journey of rediscovery with our Rewild Body Oil—an opulent fusion of Apricot, Olive, and MCT Coconut oils that transcends ordinary skincare. This remarkable elixir not only lavishes your skin with unparalleled moisture, but also transforms into a sumptuous massage oil, elevating your self-care routine to an extraordinary experience. Presented in a reusable glass vessel, it’s an ode to sustainable elegance.

The oil is meticulously crafted from cold-pressed and unrefined Apricot, Olive, and Coconut oils, ensuring your skin receives the purest, most nurturing embrace. Enriched with a native blend of Sandalwood, Honey, Lemon Myrtles, Fragonia, and Kunzea, it embodies the essence of nature’s bounty.

Preservative FREE, this elixir is more than skincare; it’s an invitation to reconnect with the wild, untamed beauty within you. With every application, you’re not just nurturing your skin; you’re embarking on a journey to rewild your senses and rediscover the true essence of your natural beauty.